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As an alderman, mayor, and now as County Board Chairman, Mark is fighting hard to bring quality jobs to St. Clair County. Mark has always ensured that the citizens of St. Clair County have a strong voice in the political process. Mark is dedicated to making our community a great place to raise a family and build a business.
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Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention Council

Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention Council

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is currently designing the subject project­ two cutoffwalls in the Wood River Levee District. The location of the project is shown in figure 1. The project consists of a shallow cutoff wall extending into a clay layer of approximately 1800 n. in length, and a deep cutoff extending into bedrock of approximately 1900 n. in length, along with a number of associated relief wells and appurtenances.

Consultants to the Flood Prevention District Council (FPD) have already designed this project and submitted a completed design and the associated data and calculations to the USAC ~ for their review in December, 2012. This project was determined by the Corps to be an “other than minor” alteration to the levee system that would require extensive review and approval by District. Division and Headquarters offices under the provisions or Sec.408. Early in the review process it became apparent that the duration of the review would be indeterminate, perhaps taking two years or more (based on the experience of other local sponsors).

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